Siberian Goose Feather And Down Luxury Pillows 1000G

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The luxury Siberian pillow is filled with the most incredibly fine pure Siberian goose down and feathers in a 50/50 composition offering unparalleled support and cloud-like loft and comfort. The Siberian goose down and feather filling is encased in a down-proof pure cotton casing, providing a soft and supple feel.

Siberian goose feather and down pillows, your bed will be changed into heaps of soft pillows for an excellent rest involvement. Delicate down gives comfort, and simply the appropriate measure of head and neck bolster for any rest position.  White goose down means pillows is cleaned up to eight times making feather and down pillows the most astounding quality pillows accessible today.

We wanted to make a really fantastic pillow - the sort that gains a cult following. We designed this Siberian goose down and feather pillow without compromise and, from the floaty-light goose down to the light feathers to give it loft.

We've worked extremely hard to ensure that our Feather & Down pillows are all at the top of their game. What's the basic standard? First, the feather & down is hygienically treated under different processes including cleaning, steaming and others, rendering it to be totally hypoallergenic, before being covered in a 100% down-proof cotton case and elegantly finished with self-piping. Double-stitching ensures that filling is evenly distributed.

Our luxurious feather and down pillows are made with Siberian down and feathers 50/50 combination. The pillow contains 50% of down clusters giving pillow loft and fluffiness while the rest 50% pillow is filled up with Siberian feathers which give a bit of weight to the pillow. The reason behind these wonderful pillows, it's all in the filling: 50% genuine Siberian Goose Down - renowned for its gorgeously soft, bounce-back quality. & 50% small feathers this luscious filling is packed in as tightly as possible, then covered with luxurious 500 thread count down proof cotton, and edged with piping. Because it's so fine and light, the Goose Down won't clump, and the pillow will stay puffy for ages!

These down and feather pillows are good to use with allergy sufferers. These pillows are also machine washable. The combination of Siberian down and feather makes these pillows a luxuriously soft and gentle pillow that can be hugged and slept well for years and years.

  • The filling is 50% Siberian goose down and 50% Siberian goose feather.
  • Hotel quality luxury pillows.
  • The outer shell is 500 thread count down proof cotton.
  • Machine washable.
  • Self-piped edges.
  • Standard size pillow 48cm x 74cm.

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