Natural Merino Wool Cotton Cover Pillows

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 Merino Wool pillow will improve your sleep. The ultra fine and soft fiber they are so flexible and easily bendable.   merino wool pillow ultrafine fibers feels so soft and gentle to the skin. Extremely fine temperature regulator so it you will stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is hot. Excellent wool filling handles efficiently the body moisture under warm and cool sleeping conditions in a superior way than any other competitive cotton, down or synthetic fiber. While with extremely soft and strong fiber pillow and provides you comfort sleep. With the lightweight, it gives more warmth to the body so the best body insulation and heat retention in extremely cold weather. While you will experience the varying temperature because of its extremely better breathability and temperature regulation so you feel the warmth in the cold while coolness in the warm season. With natural moisture repelling ability your sweat and moisture will move away while making you feel comfort and relief. Antimicrobial nature of wool will prevent any odor it means that you will not any more care about bacteria. Research proved that wool has a therapeutic benefit especially for individuals with eczema and other skin issues.  Wool is a good antimicrobial fabric as it dries away very quickly so dust mites will stay away from it. The luxurious soft touch of Australian merino wool will make you feel comfortable.


A good night's sleep begins with the right pillow. The perfect pillow for all sleepers!  Adjust the softness or firmness to exactly match your own personal need!

Made exclusively for Raymar Textiles, these Pure Wool Pillows are made up of 1000 grams of soft 100% wool fibre balls, providing the perfect amount of support to your neck and spine, whilst retaining the soft comfort factor. The wool in these pillows is loose and is encased in a very fine tightly woven, seriously luxurious 100% white cotton sateen. This gives a luxurious feel to the pillow, a long life and because of the tight weave it prevents any fibres from escaping. The great benefits of sleeping on and under wool compared to manmade fibres, feathers, down are becoming better known all the time but for those who don't yet know it has now been repeatedly scientifically proven that you will sleep deeper and longer with wool, due to the extraordinary breathability of the fibre, when compared to other fibres.

Wool pillows are great for allergy sufferers because wool is anti-allergenic.  Mould doesn't grow on wool and house dust mites hate wool for two reasons: they don't like the many fibres and the environment of a wool pillow is too dry for mites to thrive in sop they avoid it.  Those with allergies will awake after a better night's sleep with a clear head, eyes and nose. Our manufacturer is  the only pillow manufacturer in the world who produces every part of its products 'in house' from the yarn, weaving the fine cotton casing, processing the wool, and finishing the pillows. This means we can ensure superior quality control, resulting in a top quality wool pillow that is produced sustainably, with the fewest carbon miles and meeting stringent European environmental credentials.  The factory has also won textile environmental awards, year on year.

These pillows have been produced to the very highest environmental standards. The wool in them and the cotton case that surrounds it have both been certified as completely free of any nasty chemicals to the stringent.



    • Material : 400 T/C   Egyptian Cotton Cover
    • Filling : 100% Natural Merino Wool 1000G
    • Thread Count : 400
    • Size : 74 x 48 Cm
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Machine, Washable, Hypoallergenic, Self Piped Edging

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