Pure Hungarian Goose Down Cotton Cover Hotel Quality Pillows Pair 1000G

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Lift your bedding in a greater number of ways than one with a down stockpile. Let this item set your mind...and your still, small voice straight with morally sourced and all around evaluated pillows filled only with standard Hungarian goose down. This pillow gives a predominant degree of security against dust, mites, even bed bugs, in an alluring, smoothed out design. Highlighting a twofold needle line, this down pillow is a wonderful mix of security and style. This Down Pillow is the ideal balance of softness, comfort and supportability. Pair of Hungarian goose down pillows guarantee the absolute best in extravagance and the absolute best in supportability only loaded up with 100% pure Hungarian down. Rest soundly with a perfect heart.

Raymat’s luxury collection Hungarian goose down pillows with  cotton cover are just a dream come true, a truly natural and a practical selection. Filled with one of the finest down in the world which will gently embrace you, despite the softness it also provides optimal support for the head.

Thanks to its self-piped double-stitched edges, the pillows adorn your bed with a clean and natural finishing. 500 thread count solid patterned  cotton outer casing of the pillow makes it ideal for those suffering from allergies as well. In addition, the casing does not allow down to poke out.

It’s never easy to recreate nature’s perfection but our team tried to draw some elements from nature and provide you with the best down pillows, which makes you feel like placing your head on a soft cuddly cloud.

The manufacturing process of these goose down pillows is also very special. The down is washed with purified water, taking utmost care that it is not damaged or bleached to retains its softness and quality. The original down clusters are carefully preserved throughout the process.

Pure Hungarian down pillows are so created that they can be washed and tumble dried to keep them clean and fresh after usage. Pillows must be fluffed and shake on a regular basis to keep the down in place and shape. The goose down pillows are 1000 grams filled making them a medium to firm pillow ideal for back and side sleepers.

It's not normal for whatever other pillows around, special gratitude to its light and airy feel and extraordinary warm characteristics.

Getting an extraordinary night's rest on a credible Hungarian goose down pillow is an encounter you will love. Genuine Hungarian goose down offers an unmatched night's rest, giving the solace that you can generally expect from an authentic goose down pillow.

  • Pillows size 74 cm x 48cm
  • Self piped double stitching edges to give it style and security.
  • The filling is 100% pure Hungarian goose down.
  • 1000 g fill weight.
  • Medium to firm pillows.
  • Machine washable.
  • It can be tumble dried.
  • Packaging includes 2 pillows.
  • 500 thread count  cotton cover shell.
  • Naturally insulating.
  • Large and soft goose down clusters gives warmth without weight.

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