100% Siberian Goose Down Silk Cover King Bed Duvet

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Transform your bed into a cloud nine of comfort. Our duvet inserts are made with 750 fill power Siberian goose down, prized for its superior fluffiness and warmth. Soft silk cotton is sewn around the down in a baffle box construction keeping it evenly distributed and finished with sturdy, double-stitched seams.

Siberian goose down is ecological well disposed of. It is profoundly biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Siberian goose down is eco-accommodating accordingly the bugs and clean isn't much ready to assault it. The Siberian goose down is appropriately handled to give you the best out of it. Along these lines, the down is steamed cleaned to guarantee a light feathery filling that has not been blanched or washed in any destructive chemicals to influence it to seem white. We take care of that the down is prepared gently so the extensive down clusters, which give high warm properties are not separated in light of the fact that with the progression of time they will separate into littler particles and afterward the duvet or either your cushion won't give you same warmth or bolster and will be absolutely futile. We as a trademark guarantees our clients that in down preparing, we don't utilize any unsafe chemicals which will later mischief our buyers.

These duvets are sewed with a Baffle Box construction to keep the filling from redistributing. Each case of the duvet is filled exclusively with the measure of down required and after that completed with the twofold sewing and edges appropriately self-funneled.

The fill energy of the goose down duvet is a critical factor when purchasing a duvet. Fill control is a solid pointer of the nature of down. The more thick and expansive strands the higher the fill control. The vast bunches of down give incredible sturdiness, breathability, and protection. Siberian goose down duvets is accessible in the finest nature of 550+ fill control. The glow of the duvets relies upon the tog evaluations of the Siberian duvets. They are accessible in various tog mixes to guarantee you have the ideal choice to pick.

We as an organization cherish our Siberian goose down duvets and items which we deal and ensure that the purchaser is additionally profoundly infatuated with them because of their extravagance characteristics. Our Siberian duvets have a fill control rating of 550, the higher this number the better, it gives you assurance of a perfect and common filling. Keep in mind that forget a decent quality down is light and cushioned and is great at protection and additional temperature control.

Our Siberian goose down duvets and cushions have the costliest filling. We get a kick out of the chance to go above and beyond and give duvets and cushion the external cover a more sumptuous feel. Our choices of premium Siberian goose down duvets have a high thread count 500 silk cotton cover that is an anti-dust mite. The tight weave additionally guarantees the rounding does not spill out as mediocre quality down duvets.

  • The filling is pure Siberian goose down.
  • The casing is 500 thread count silk cotton.
  • Baffle box construction to avoid cold spots and the filling remains intact.
  • Lightweight, airy, and comfortable duvet.
  • Available in king size 220 cm x 230 cm.
  • Fill power is 550+
  • Machine washable.

Available for different seasons.

  • Summer 4.5 tog
  • Spring 10.5 tog
  • Autumn 13.5 tog
  • Winter 15 tog
  • All Season 4.5+9=13.5 tog
  • All Season 4.5+10.5=15 tog

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