400 T/C Cotton Cover, Merino Wool Filled 4 x Pillows 1000G

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100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down Double Bed Duvet

100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down Double Bed Duvet

Canadian Goose Down Duvets 100% All Togs

Canadian Goose Down Duvets 100% All Togs

A good night's sleep begins with the right pillow. The perfect pillow for all sleepers!! A natural wool filled pillow is altogether different from different fills of pillows. They are an incredible option in contrast to different sorts of pillows that assist you to get an amazing sleep.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool has extraordinarily fine strands, which makes them gentlest wool in contrast with others. Merino wool is anything but difficult to twist, has higher versatility, and difficult to lose shape. Merino wool is breathable in sweltering summers and protection in cold winters, keeping it delicate and lightweight.

Wool being normal has some unusual properties. At this point when the pillow is wadded with wool as you place a head on it, just forms the state of your head and when you get up it basically bounces back to its unique position.

Soft, gentle and luxurious organic wool pillows are made exclusively for Raymat Textiles, these Pure Wool Pillows are made up of soft 100% pure Merino wool providing the perfect amount of support to your neck and spine, whilst retaining the soft comfort factor. The wool in these pillows is loose and is encased in a very fine tightly woven, seriously luxurious 100% white Egyptian cotton. This gives a luxurious feel to the pillow, long life and because of the tight weave it prevents any fibres from escaping. The great benefits of sleeping on and under wool compared to manmade fibres, feathers, down are becoming better known all the time but for those who don't yet know it has now been repeatedly scientifically proven that you will sleep deeper and longer with wool, due to the extraordinary breath ability of the fibre, when compared to other fibres.

Wool filled pillows are great for allergy sufferers because wool is anti-allergenic. Mold doesn't grow on wool and house dust mites hate wool for two reasons: they don't like the many fibres and the environment of a wool pillow is too dry for mites to thrive in sop they avoid it. Those with allergies will awake after a better night's sleep with a clear head, eyes and nose. We can ensure superior quality control, resulting in the best wool pillow that is produced sustainably, with the fewest carbon miles and meeting stringent European environmental credentials. The factory has also won textile environmental awards, year on year. 

These organic wool pillows have been produced to the very highest environmental standards. The wool in them and the cotton case that surrounds it have both been certified as completely free of any nasty chemicals to the stringent.

  • Encased in tightly woven 400 thread count pure Egyptian cotton cover.
  • Fill weight 1000 grams,
  • 100% Natural Merino Wool Filled Pillows.
  • Resistant to dust mites.
  • Naturally fire retardant.
  • Standard pillow size 74cm x 48cm.