100 % Hungarian Goose Down Pillows UK Collection

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100% Mulberry Silk Filled Egyptian Cotton Single Bed Duvet 18 Tog

100% Mulberry Silk Filled Egyptian Cotton Single Bed Duvet 18 Tog

100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down Double Bed Duvet

100% Pure Hungarian Goose Down Double Bed Duvet

Get ready to turn your sleeping experience from average to extraordinary with the best goose-down pillows UK collection. The morning spent lying on Hungarian down pillows can’t be described as it feels soft, fluffy, insulating, and supportive. They are filled with 100% down.

A pillow is considered the best friend in giving you a good sound sleep. As your best friend supports you throughout your life, a good pillow also helps you in just the right places. It keeps your head aligned with your back and spine. But one of the most contributing factors is your sleep style in harmony with your pillow.

Our Hungarian Goose Down Pillows UK Collection comprises softer and cuddlier, moldable than any other pillow type.

Goose-down pillows are filled with large down clusters, making them lightweight, durable, comfortable, warm, and potentially suited for all sleep positions. Best goose down pillows UK changes shape accordingly when you rest your head for sleep.

Filled with pure Hungarian goose down, they feel enchanting, light, and supportive. These luxurious and best goose-down pillows in the UK are wrapped in 500 thread count proof cotton casing for a lightweight and magnificent finishing. This glorious plump pillow is finished with piped edges and is double stitched to make it long-lasting and comfy.

This is one of the best down pillows UK for hypersensitive people. The down is washed, steamed, and processed to clean all the impurities but done very light-handedly to retain the loft and fluff of the down clusters. The pillow's casing is also assured to be dust and down-proof to give the pillow a light finish, making it great to use by allergy sufferers. This goose-down pillow has surpassed all the quality standards, resulting in a hypoallergenic pillow.

Our Hungarian Down pillows are filled with 1000 grams of filling to give them the firmness required to align the head, shoulders, and neck to get a blissful night experience.

When down pillows arrive at your doorstep, release them from packaging and air out for a couple of hours before the first usage. Protect your lovely pillows with pillow protectors to save them from any harm, accidental spills, or stains. Plump and shake your pillows daily to restore their fluff if any compressions occur. Wash the pillow protectors often to keep your goose-down pillows fresh and new. Hungarian goose-down pillows can be washed at 40 degrees twice a year, depending on their usage. And to clean out dirt and oils secreted from skin and hair. Air dry your pillows and assure no moisture is left as slight dampness can destroy the down clusters.

These 100% Hungarian goose-down pillows offer cozy and superb sleeping comfort for those who value a good sleep.

  • The filling is 100% Hungarian goose down.
  • The fill weight is 1000 grams.
  • 500 thread count luxurious down and dustproof cotton outer cover.
  • Washable at 40 degrees.
  • Ideal for sensitive sleepers.
  • Manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.
  • Standard UK size 19”x 29” (48cm x 74cm)
  • Soft, comfy, and cuddly pillows.

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