How To Layer And Design Your Bed Perfectly

What makes a bed warm and comfortable? Even though sheets, duvets, and pillows are necessary for a comfortable bed, learning how to layer like a designer will help you make a bed that you and your guests will love. From the mattress topper to the sheets, the perfect throw and pillows, Here is how to decorate a bed so that it looks and feels as good as it does.

How to Layer a Bed

Depending on your style and the time of year, there are different ways to make your bed. But you'll always want a comfortable base with clean lines and high-quality layers that you can drape, fold, and stack to make modern styles look good. Check out the details to see your options, and then learn how to decorate a bed with these parts.

Mattress Topper

Your mattress is the most important part of a good night's sleep, but a mattress topper lets you customise your sleep experience.

Start by putting a mattress pad on your base. This will protect you from the mattress. A mattress topper also gives you more comfort. Consider getting a Down Mattress Topper if you want to feel like you're sinking into a cloud made of marshmallows. Or, a Wool Mattress Topper can take your comfort to the next level by giving you more support and cradling your pressure points. The wool topper has a natural ability to bounce back after being pressed. Its ability to let air in and keep moisture out makes it suitable for sleeping in all seasons.

Since the mattress topper sits under everything else on the bed, it's essential to find one with deep enough pockets to fit your mattress, so it doesn't lose its grip and bunch up. To select the best mattress topper just check out  Raymat textiles.


The sheet layer is important because it's the part of the bed you'll touch the most. Make sure you buy good sheets. You will need a fitted sheet, which has elastic around the edges, and a top sheet, if you want one. You can choose sheets based on how you like the fabric to feel and how it looks. Whether you want the crisp, clean look of percale, the silky, luxurious sheen of sateen, the buttery soft finish of brushed cotton, or the casual elegance of linen, just get the one you like to lye on.


Here is where you can start to show off your style. A Down Duvet Insert will help you make a bed that feels like a cloud, and allergy sufferers can use a Down Alternative Duvet Insert instead. You can protect your duvet and make it look nice by putting it in a Duvet Cover. A cover helps your duvet last longer and lets you change how your bed looks for each season. Raymat textiles have a wide range of luxurious and comfortable duvets to make your sleep experience unforgettable.


Pillows are important when building up your bed: they add color, depth, style, and, of course, comfort. So how many do you need? The number of pillows on a bed depends on how it looks and how comfortable it is. However, there are certain types of pillows that you should have on every bed.

Let's start with Euro pillows for support, like when you want to sit in bed and read. How many Euro pillows you need will depend on how big your bed is: For a twin bed, you'll need one pillow; for a full or queen bed, two; and for a king bed, three.

The pillows you sleep on are another example. You have many choices depending on how you sleep: soft, medium, or firm; on your side or your back. Include pillows to give the most comfort, style, and flexibility.

There's no limit to how many decorative pillows you can have, and there are a million ways to make your bed look cute.

A simple lumbar pillow adds extra support and gives the front of the bed a long, clean look.

Use shams to bring a bed's look together. Mix and match them with the colors and patterns on your duvet cover, or group them with other pillows.

When decorating a bedroom, you can use printed pillows differently, depending on whether you want them to look simple and elegant or cozy and plush. When it's time for bed, make sure you have a place to put the pillows.

Need more help to figure out which pillows are best for your bed? Check out the Pillow Guide on Raymat textiles.

Throws and quilts

Depending on the season, you may need a light throw layered tastefully at the base of the bed, or you may want to layer on multiple throws and quilts for a cozier night's sleep.

Throws and quilts don't always keep you warm, though. Your bed can also get a cool new look from decorative quilts and throws with different textures.

How to Get a Bed Ready

The best way to make a bed is to follow these simple steps and add style.

1. Put your sheets on it.

To make a clean, flat surface, your fitted sheet should fit tightly on the bed. Place the top sheet so that the pattern faces down and the side with the seam faces up. So, when you pull the sheet over the duvet and open the bed, the decorative edge of the sheet will be facing up.

Use "hospital corners," which are named for, you guessed it, hospitals, to get clean lines at the foot of the bed. Put the bottom edge of the sheet under the mattress to do this. The excess fabric from the corner should then be folded and placed on the bed. Put the part of the sheet that looks like a triangle under your mattress. Then, fold the part of the sheet you put on your bed under the mattress. Your bed's corner should look like a wrapped present.

2. Layer Your Duvet

Next, put the duvet on top of the sheet and make sure both sides are even. Before you put the duvet on your bed, please give it a good shake to make sure it's as fluffy and complete as possible.

3. Add pillows and shams

The pillows are next. The headboard is an excellent place to put your Euro shams. Put your standard shams in front of the Euro shams, and then put your bed pillows in front of the standard shams. Start putting the decorative pillows in layers from the front and work your way to the middle. Depending on how you want them to look, you can carefully prop them up for a simple, elegant look or pile them on for a cozy, laid-back look.

4. Put quilts and throws down.

The last step is to add throws and quilts. You can tie together the look of a bed by laying a folded throw at the foot of the bed, but don't stop there. Add a quilt on top of the duvet for extra warmth, or roll up a few light throws and put them in a basket at the foot of the bed for warmer nights. Let the time of year and your style guide you.

Making a bed the right way will do more than make it look good enough. Adding a full range of high-quality bedding can make it a more inviting and comfortable place to sleep, which will help you get a better night's rest.