100% Siberian Goose Down Filled Cotton Cover 2 x Pillows 1000G

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100% Siberian Goose Down Filled Cotton Cover 2 x Pillows 1000G

Regular price £192.00
Regular price £384.00 Sale price £192.00

Let sprawl yourself in the soft and support of 100% Siberian goose down pillow. An increased amount of fluffy down giving the plush cushioning and incredible comfort. As you lay your head on this down pillow you know you are in a real treat.

This down pillow boasts a 500 thread count  cotton cover finished with self-piped cording around the perimeter with double stitching for maximum loft. The specialized fill results in a pillow which is great for back and side sleepers. Hypoallergenic, machine washable, and easy to care tumble dry pillows.

Siberian goose down is strong and warm as it obtained from the goose of the harshest weather conditions, in which they survive. Therefore, the thermal qualities of Siberian pillows cannot be compared to any other natural pillow. These down pillows are filled up with 100% Siberian down, which is cleaned and steamed during the manufacturing process, where the down is washed, steamed and then filled up but one thing is specially taken care in the whole process is the handling of down clusters, they are not harmed or damaged in the process and their loft is intact.

The pillows are filled with different fill weights to gain pillows of different firmness. But our pillows are so filled to give you a medium to the firm pillow which is usually ideal for back and side sleepers. Siberian goose down pillows help to keep head, neck, and shoulder in perfect alignment to gain a comfortable sleep, which is not being interrupted by any neck aches.

Our pure Siberian down pillows our intact in a super strong 500 thread count silk cotton fabric. This fabric gives pillow strength and durability and above all the casing is down and dustproof. The cover makes sure the filling stays inside and does not poke out to get a deform pillow. The outer shell for this purpose is self-piped and double-needle stitched to give the pillow a superior strength and soft delicate finish.

Siberian pillows are completely hypoallergenic, as mentioned above they undergo a quality standard manufacturing process, thus making these down pillows good to use by allergy sufferers. These pillows are also machine washable and easy care can be tumble dried too. To avoid frequent washing pillow which ultimately results in flatten and compressed pillows, try to cover them with pillow protectors, which gives them extra protection and can be easily changed and washed without harming your pillow.

  • Carefully filled with selected Siberian goose down clusters to give perfect cloudy pillow.
  • Filled to make them a medium to the firm pillow.
  • Encased in high thread count 500 silk cotton cover to give superior strength and soft delicate finish.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows, making it ideal to use by any kind ok allergy sufferer.
  • Easy to care for pillows.
  • Machine washable can be tumble dried.
  • Standard UK size 48cm x 74cm.
  • Re-fluff on a daily basis to compensate any compressions formed.
  • For long-lasting comfort air out in fresh air and sunlight.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any stains.
  • The package includes 1 pair.