Hungarian Goose Down Cotton Cover 1 x Pillow

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Hungarian Goose Down Cotton Cover 1 x Pillow

Regular price £115.20
Regular price £144.00 Sale price £115.20

Would you like to nestle to your pillow as you rest? A better than average pillow could have the impact between a warm, supported rest and low-quality rest achieving shortcoming and tiredness. Introducing Hungarian goose down pillows; hailed as the best pillow to avoid neck aches.

These pillows are planned to frame to the condition of your head, paying little mind to the resting position. They are all-trademark and a great choice particularly if you need a pillow that licenses comfort at its peak.

Hungarian down pillows are medium to firm pillows with fill weight of 1000 grams which makes them great for side and back sleepers, with greater loft options, specially manufactured for the perfect alignment of neck and head.

Pure down gives these pillows an extraordinary feel. Falling over a decent delicate pillow like the Hungarian pillow revives your body's vitality and prepares your mind for one more day by allowing it to get out the dross and help you have a better memory.

The down filled up in pillows is washed, steamed and processed to meet all the quality standards yet maintaining the shape, fluff and form of the down cluster. They are handles so carefully and lightly that they retain their properties even being processed. This whole procedure makes these goose down pillows illegible for the allergy sufferers. Being a natural product, it can cause allergies but as it undergoes procedures this makes them totally hypoallergenic pillows.

Hotel quality Hungarian goose down pillows are covered in a soft fine 500 thread count solid patterned  cotton. This adds to the beauty of pillows with its lightweight, comfortable, soft hand-feel and sturdy silken drape which benefits your health in many ways.

When down pillows arrive at your doorstep just release them from packaging and air out for a couple of hours before the first usage. Protect your lovely pillows with pillow protectors, to save them from any harm or accidental spills or stains. Plump and shake your pillows on a daily basis to restore their fluff if any compressions occur. Washout the pillow protectors often to keep your goose down pillows fresh and new. Hungarian goose down pillows can be washed at 40 degrees, twice a year or depends upon its usage, to clean out dirt and oils secreted from skin and hair. Air dry your pillows and assure no moisture is left as little dampness can destroy the down clusters.

Get these super fill pillows and fell the difference yourself.

  • The filling is 1000 grams making them medium to firm pillows.
  • Encased in 500 thread count soft  cotton cover.
  • Pillows are ideal for sensitive sleepers.
  • Machine washable.
  • It can be tumble dried.
  • Self piped edges with double stitching to ensure filling remains intact.
  • Standard size 48cm x 74cm.
  • 1 pillow packaging.