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So, you've found our website and your eyes have been opened to the vast range of different types of filling for your duvet, and your confused, you dont know which one is best, which one is most suitable for you or your children and you need advice. Well, here it is, we've split the page into the different types of duvets that we stock and have kept the information provided, nice and clear to allow you to make an informed decision.

Siberian and Hungarian Goose Down

Siberian and Hungarian Goose down duvets are luxurious through and through. They are ideal for you and your loved one to snuggle up into after a long hard day at the office.

They are light and airy to the touch and carry almost no weight whilst keeping your bed at an even comfortable temperature. They don't hold too much heat, and they dont let too much of it go either.

Ideal for: Adults
Weight: Airy and light 
Makes you feel: Like Royalty
Best suited for: Duvets 


Microfibre has a similar effect to siberian and goose down but they do feel different. If you chose a Microfibre duvet you wouldnt feel the same luxury as you would with a Hungarian or Siberian Goose down duvet, yet they will keep you just as warm. Microfibre is perhaps more suited for pillows as they carry the loft and fill of a luxurious pillow.  Siberian and Hungarian Goose down pillows are lofty but they require regular fluffing to ensure they keep their airyness, whereas a Microfibre pillow will just work and work without too much attention.

Ideal for: Everyone
Weight: Not so airy and not so light but still good
Makes you feel: Comfortable
Best suited for: Pillows

Memory Foam 

Memory Foam is great, we love it, its such an amazing invention, and you can use it in your pillows and your mattress. Memory Foam doesnt give that luxury feel as it is more functional instead. If you suffer from neckache or backache when you wake up in the morning, chances are Memory Foam will cure your night time ailments.

Memory Foam is designed to wrap to your bodys contours whilst still providing the support that your neck and back need to prevent muscle ache.

Ideal for: Those suffering from night time back and neck ache
Weight: Heavy
Makes you feel: Better
Best suited for: Pillows and Mattresses

Feather and Goose Down

Perhaps the best compromise between fully Goose Down filled and microfibre duvets or pillows. The feathers in these pillows provide the loft and bounce that down alone cannot provide in pillows. In duvets, they are perhaps the best compromise for those who dont have deep enough pockets for the luxurious Goose down filled duvets.

Ideal for: The kids
Weight: Medium
Makes you feel: Cozy
Best suited for: Pillows for all & Duvets for the kids.