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How to Wash Your Wool Duvets?

Since the duvet's material, content, and quality affect how it is washed, it cannot be easy. In addition, due to the inadequate size of the conventional washing machine's drum, it may be challenging to fit the duvet inside, depending on its weight and size. In this situation, you should think about having your duvet cleaned to ensure it is spotless. Avoid washing duvets with your clothing or the rest of your laundry.

How frequently does the duvet needs to be cleaned?

In general, you should wash duvets once or twice a year. Make sure you air out your duvet in the morning to allow the accumulated moisture to dry. To allow both sides of the duvet to dry out, it is better to hang it over a clothes rail.

Why is washing pillows and duvets important?

Wool duvets and pillows will harbor bacteria and dust mites if improperly cleaned. Why, therefore, do mites favor our linen and mattresses so much? This is due to several factors:

Dust mites

One of the most prevalent indoor allergens is sensitivity to house dust. People with a house dust allergy respond to the excrement the mites leave in their beds. House dust allergies frequently cause itchy eyes, a cough, and sniffles. However, mites can also irritate the skin and produce rashes.


Diseases brought on by mold might infect our respiratory system.You should frequently wash and dry the pillows to avoid mold growth in your bedding. Also, the wool duvets UK doesn't retain as much sweat; make sure the material used for the duvet cover is breathable.


The body transmits extra heat from the inside to the outside through the natural process of sweating to reach and maintain a stable body temperature. When we sleep, we also sweat. Up to two liters of sweat can be excreted each night. So even though night sweats are usual, some things can make our bodies sweat even more.

How to wash a wool duvet?

It will help if you read the cleaning directions before washing your duvet. You can find instructions on adequately washing and drying the duvet on the manufacturer's label.

Also, please ensure you know the materials in your blanket because improper washing can harm them.

Wool duvets UK are pretty simple to maintain. It has several qualities, like being breathable, naturally antimicrobial, and temperature regulating, that aid in keeping it clean.

How to clean wool duvets?

Wool duvets should be hand- or machine-washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. To keep the wool fibers from matting, use a special wool detergent while washing woolen products. Alternatively, you might even lightly wash your wool duvet using mild shampoo.

To keep your wool duvet UK fresh, air it frequently by hanging it from a fence or clothes rail in between changes of linens. Then, to keep your duvet in good condition and benefit from the wool's inherent antibacterial properties, hang your duvet outside on a sunny, windy day.

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