Which is a better memory foam or gel mattress topper?

Which is a better memory foam or gel mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are just a luxurious, comfortable yet supportive add on to your mattress. There are so many different options out there to choose the best one for your bed. The best mattress topper depends totally on your personal preferences, the body type you have and most importantly your sleeping style. Each mattress topper has its own pros and cons.

Down here I would be discussing the comparison between the memory foam and gel mattress topper. 

Difference between memory foam and gel mattress topper

The major difference between the two is the material they are made. A memory foam topper is made from viscoelastic material. Whereas a gel mattress topper is also made out of viscoelastic material but its infused with gel which assists you to sleep cooler and relieves pressure. 

What is memory foam mattress topper?

As you know memory foam toppers are made from viscoelastic material which easily conforms to the contours of the body according to the temperature and weight. Memory foam topper is a great alternative to an expensive mattress, as it keeps your spine and neck aligned and take your body position to comfort you. 

Memory Foam Mattress


  • A memory foam mattress topper is great of your experiencing any back pains or arthritis, as it properly supports your hips, spine, shoulders, and neck. It reduces the pain by minimizing the pressure on your pressure points.
  • This topper lasts longer than the usual toppers. 
  • Memory foam mattress topper also tends to isolate movements if you are sharing your bed with a partner who is always turning and tossing around interrupting your sleep.
  • A viscoelastic material is resistant to bacteria, mildew, and molds. So, it's likely to contain fewer allergens.


  • Memory foam mattress toppers tend to release heat which relieves pain, but some people find it too hot to sleep on and have sleeping issues.
  • Some of the memory foam toppers users do not find it great for sleeping, as it makes the temperature too high that people wake up with severe sweating and restrict the movement which sleepers’ dislikes.

What is a gel mattress topper?

A gel mattress topper is a mixture of gel and foam. The foam has been infused with gel to create a balance between comfort and support. Gel toppers are a bit like bouncers, as they get in to shape quickly as you get up. Gel mattress toppers are cooler to sleep on as compared to the regular memory foam mattress toppers. 

Gell Mattress Foam


  • Gel foam mattress toppers keep you cooler while sleeping, as it dissipates the body temperature properly and thus gel infused in foam helps to retain heat and let your body temperature lower down.


  • The gel in the gel foam tends to break down after a particular time period and this diminishes the cooling effect.


Memory foam and gel foam mattress toppers are the same except the cooling effect of memory foam. Is this the only difference both have if you prefer to sleep hot to relieve your pains than go for the regular memory foam topper and if you hate to sleep hot and like the cooling sensations to sleep than opt for the gel mattress topper. 

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